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JobScout is designed to be a valuable resource for all users, from the first time Internet user to the Internet savvy, allowing them to independently manage the job search and application process.

At the center of the JobScout application is a results-oriented, motivating approach to learning how to use the Internet and find work online. JobScout provides a cost-effective, data-rich and customizable tool for organizations providing educational opportunities and employment support.

JobScout, which supports the Basic Digital Literacy Skills Framework, tracks the user's progress through a series of performance metrics including proficiency rankings and usage rates.

JobScout provides a cost-effective, data-rich and customizable tool for organizations providing educational opportunities and employment support.


Important Message

Dear JobScout Users and Community,  
Four years ago, JobScout was launched as an online pilot program across California to teach Californians how to use the Internet. Working in partnership with libraries and other public institutions, JobScout reached thousands of first-time Internet users throughout the state and beyond. Most importantly, at a time when unemployment was at an all-time high and many workers were finding themselves lost in our information economy, our team was able to develop a free, robust online resource to assist in providing Internet skills needed to find a job.  

Today, we announce that the JobScout pilot phase will be coming to a close. Effective September 1, 2016, JobScout ( will no longer be available online or in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. We have been honored to provide this resource for free to our users during its pilot.  We will now take our lessons learned during this trial period and focus on the next phase of digital literacy work for TRAIL.  

Our team will be in contact with all of our partners, supporters and other stakeholders to facilitate the transition and to answer any questions.

We are interested in securing partners and investors to continue the next phase of TRAIL and JobScout.  Your company or organization may contact the LINK AMERICAS Foundation regarding partnership opportunities.

We set out to have people discover the Internet – our team is honored to have been a part of this exploration for our users, and thank all of you in California and around the globe that have used JobScout and helped us contribute to the success of the pilot.  

Best Regards,  
Christina Gagnier,  Chief Executive Officer

Brenda Kempster, CEO

Comments from Jobscout users:

  To LINK AMERICA FOUNDATION, an American entity, which fosters collaborative narratives demonstrating the value of technology serving humanity on a global    basis, in the areas of Life, Information, Network & Knowledge (LINK). Thank you for advancing global digital literacy. Special thanks to CEO Brenda Kempster for her support and partnership providing JOB SCOUT, a platform to educate OK’s clients in their quest to acquire digital skills in order that they may access & utilize the Internet. Used in Over 800 Libraries in California.

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