Network Award Recipients

LINK AMERICAS™ Foundation's highest honor is awarded to individuals whose outstanding leadership and personal dedication advances "Technology Serving Humanity" in the areas of:  
Life - Information - Network - Knowledge (LINK)

Jessie J. Knight
Jessie J. Knight, Chairman San Diego Gas and Electric

Mr. Knight has been instrumental in providing corporate leadership to advance digital literacy by using social media and outreach tools to reach out to the San Diego community on issues related to energy conservation. Via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PSA's, and local television media SDGE implemented its Please Conserve Energy campaign in both English and Spanish. Additionally, SDGE has supported the iCALIFORNIA campaign for the past two years by providing grants to support JobScout outreach in English and Spanish for libraries in the San Diego region.

Mark Otereo
Mark Otero, Chief Executive Officer, BioWare

Mark Otero’s company ClickNation was acquired by Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) as a new division of the EA BioWare suite of gaming products. BioWare was conceived to create digital games with challenges in earth space and creative virtual environments, thus advancing digital literacy skills of multiple age groups engaging in web based activities. Mark is a role model for success originally from Seoul, Korea, moving to Sacramento at age 12. He is a graduate of California Post Secondary Education System. In less than 3 years, he founded and grew KlickNation Corps into a multi-million dollar online social gaming company. Millions of people play the games online. Mr. Otero is a sought after expert in the field of social applications, virtual goods, free-to-play and free minimum games.  

Kevin Kostner
Kevin Costner, Actor, film producer, and environmental activist.

Mr. Costner was an unlikely hero of the Gulf oil leak disaster. Costner created Ocean Therapy Solutions to produce machines that separate oil from water using a centrifuge system. He has spent seventeen years and more than twenty million dollars of his own money to hire scientists to develop the oil extracting water purification machines - based on technology originally developed by the Department of Energy. During the BP oil spill he testified before Congress on the need for this technology for environmental clean up. The machines are designed to purify two hundred thousand gallons of water each day of operation. Congratulations to Mr. Costner in demonstrating a commitment to “Technology Serving Humanity”.

The Honorable Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy.

The Honorable Steven Chu, accepting the Nature Award from Dick Methia, Chair of the LINK AMERICAS Foundation.