Life Award Recipients

LINK AMERICAS™ Foundation's highest honor is awarded to individuals whose outstanding leadership and personal dedication advances "Technology Serving Humanity" in the areas of:  
Life - Information - Network - Knowledge (LINK)

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
Mayor of Winters, California

Mayor Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters, California, initiated a broadband education project for her town, which has students that are 62% Hispanic, 35% Caucasian and 2% other. The mayor is showing leadership at the local community level for advancing digital literacy. Many rural areas, such as Winters suffer from a lack of broadband infrastructure. Through a partnership with the Youcha Denne Wintum Nation Community Fund, a $240,000 grant was given to help the school district obtain broadband access and computer and networking equipment for Grades 2-5. This grant created tremendous excitement for the families, as the parents and grandparents came to the school to get involved with their children and learn digital literacy skills.  

The Honorable Bob Wise
Honorable Bob Wise,
Former Governor of West Virginia

Under Governor Wise's leadership, the Alliance for Excellent Education, advanced Digital Learning Day, held February 1, 2012. Nearly 2 million students participated in the national Digital Learning Day activities; 39 states and D.C. hosted their own celebrations representing 88 % of all U.S. students, more than 18,600 teachers downloaded toolkits; 18 states proclaimed the day as Digital Learning Day; U.S. President Obama provided a statement encouraging every educator to think about how technology can support effective teaching and learning; February 6, 2013 is the second annual Digital Learning Day. 

The Honorable Sebastián Piñera
The Honorable Sebastián Piñera,
President of Chile

The Honorable Sebastián Piñera, President of Chile President Piñera showcased the use of advanced technologies by his government in providing access to the global media throughout the entire rescue of the trapped Chilean miners.  The world was able to observe and share in the rescue efforts on a minute by minute basis.  More importantly, families of the miners, doctors, and rescue workers were able to maintain constant contact throughout the months of the ordeal – ensuring the physical and mental health of the trapped miners.  This openness and use of information and communications technologies brought the country of Chile and the entire global community together in an incredible humanitarian process.  Congratulations to President Sebastián Piñera for his recognition of the benefits of technology in the rescue effort and in demonstrating the human factors of “Technology Serving Humanity”.

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The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton,
Secretary of State

William S. Loiry accepting the Life Award on behalf of The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, presented by Teray Stephens, President, NWPC CA.