Information Award Recipients

LINK AMERICAS™ Foundation's highest honor is awarded to individuals whose outstanding leadership and personal dedication advances "Technology Serving Humanity" in the areas of:  
Life - Information - Network - Knowledge (LINK)

Gary Page
Gary Page, ICT Consultant, California Department of Education.

Gary Page has shown exceptional leadership at the California Department of Education in promoting the importance of digital literacy. He has served as a conduit to districts around the state in informing them of the importance of digital literacy K-14 in skills necessary for workforce and career path development. In addition, Gary was instrumental as a liaison from CDE to the iCALIFORNIA Digital Literacy effort. He has demonstrated support and advancement of digital literacy.

David Cohen
David Cohen, Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation.

Under Governor Wise's leadership, the Alliance for Excellent Education, advanced Digital Learning Day, held February 1, 2012. Nearly 2 million students participated in the national Digital Learning Day activities; 39 states and D.C. hosted their own celebrations representing 88 % of all U.S. students, more than 18,600 teachers downloaded toolkits; 18 states proclaimed the day as Digital Learning Day; U.S. President Obama provided a statement encouraging every educator to think about how technology can support effective teaching and learning; February 6, 2013 is the second annual Digital Learning Day. 

Katie Couric
Katie Couric, Journalist

Couric is a pioneer in advancing the transition from traditional media to the use of new social media in journalism.  Her @katiecouric website along with her use of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and interactive communication has been a model in the industry.  Ms. Couric has transformed the traditional half hour anchoring of a national nightly news broadcast into truly a 24/7 dynamic news and information sharing new media environment now modeled by others in the industry.  Congratulations to Ms. Couric for her efforts to present journalism that supports “Technology Serving Humanity”.>

The Honorable Laura Chinchilla,  President of Costa Rica
The Honorable Laura Chinchilla,
President of Costa Rica

The Honorable Laura Chinchilla, (left) accepting the Information Award from Brenda Kempster, Executive Director, LINK AMERICAS Foundation.