The LINK AMERICAS™ Foundation fosters collaborative initiatives demonstrating the value of Technology Serving Humanity in the areas of Life, Information, Network, Knowledge ( L I N K ). Its prime mission is to advance global digital literacy based on the Framework for Basic Digital Literacy Skills.

The LINK AMERICAS™ Foundation is on the forefront of applications development in the area of digital literacy.   Through its partnership and investment in TRAIL, a social venture corporation, the foundation works with key stakeholders, libraries, community based organizations and other foundations to advance the acquisition of digital literacy skills globally and address the global digital divide. 

The LINK AMERICAS™ Foundation promotes the understanding of digital literacy as the new literacy of the 21st Century. To further knowledge and research of digital literacy the Foundation supports the ICT Digital Literacy Portal. This Portal provides a rich global resource and collaborative environment for dissemination of ICT Literacy materials, interactive discussions, research information, and international dialogue.

The LINK AMERICAS™ Foundation aims to stimulate fresh thinking by linking scholars, policymakers, and programs that have been historically separated by boundaries of discipline, regional specialization, methodological tradition, and distance. Through projects, as well as sponsoring and supporting a wide range of conferences involving academics, policymakers, scientists, government officials, labor leaders, business people, and others the Foundation seeks to advance new knowledge and best practices in the area of digital literacy.